Tier III Clean: bioPURE Complete

Your space actively fights the spread of illness and disease causing germs every second of every day

We use the world's top electrostatic systems to apply bioPURE Clean and bioPURE Shield in all designated areas. This procedure eliminates lingering viruses, bacteria and fungi, and places a residually acting shield on touch surfaces that keeps fighting the spread of illness and disease-causing germs for 30 days.

Phase 1: Application of bioPURE Clean to achieve Tier ll Clean (Truly Clean)
1. Eliminates illness and disease-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi
2. 3x stronger than bleach without the side effects
3. No wipe, no rinse, no residue
4. Non-corrosive
5. Safe for public spaces and electronics
6. Hospital and pharmaceutical grade
7. FDA approved for public food contact surfaces
8. Cleans the air
9. Registered with the EPA (87508-3-95339)

Phase 2: Application of bioPURE Shield to achieve Tier lll Clean (Residually Clean)
10. Antimicrobial shield protects from illness and disease-causing germs spreading for 30 days on touch surfaces.
11. Studies show one treatment every 30 days residually reduces bioburden more effectively than standard hospital cleaning practices alone.
12. Non-corrosive, safe to public and staff, unnoticeable.
13. Registered with the EPA (85556-1)