About bioPURE Treatments

Safe. Effective. Fast.

We use the world's most advanced electrostatic systems to apply our disinfectant and protectant to the surfaces in your space.

A bioPURE treatment safely eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as purifies the air and reduces odor. It will also residually protect from the spread of illness and disease causing germs, mold, and mildew for up to 30* days after a single treatment (it has been shown to protect for longer depending on the setting).

Please scan our 'Overview of Details' and 'Studies & Proof'. If you have any further questions, click here to contact us!


Overview of Details

Our Disinfectant

  1. Eliminates illness and disease-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi
  2. 2.5x stronger than bleach without the side effects
  3. No wipe, no rinse, no residue
  4. Non-corrosive
  5. Safe for public spaces and electronics (been used to clean circuit boards)
  6. Hospital and pharmaceutical grade efficacy
  7. As safe as it gets: FDA approved for public food contact surfaces
  8. Cleans the air
  9. Registered with the EPA (87508-3-95339)

 Our Shield

  1. Residually fights the spread of illness and disease causing germs for up to 30* days after a single treatment in commercial spaces (Has been shown to protect longer depending on setting)
  2. Invisible, un-noticeable, no scent
  3. Non-corrosive
  4. Non-leaching and cannot be weakened by standard cleaning practices
  5. Safe for people and surfaces
  6. Registered with the EPA (85556-2)

Our Method

  1. We only use the world's leading electrostatic application technology
  2. Technicians are trained to use the equipment properly in commercial and residential settings
  3. We carefully aim the treatment at each surface at the proper distance and do not fog your air
  4. Our method is so safe, we do not need to suit up like seen on TV or with other non-safe methods
  5. Treatment is fast and designed to be as least invasive to your day as possible. Each technician alone can treat 2,500-5,000 square feet per hour
  6. You can re-enter your space in as soon as 15 minutes


Studies & Proof

 Study & Proof of our safe & effective electrostatic system

  • Click here to view how safely and effectively our equipment is in your space compared to a basic sprayer competitors may use

 Studies & Proof for our disinfectant

  • Click here to view our disinfectant's efficacy list against the top 30 illness causing viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Click here to view our disinfectant's Safety Data Sheet. You'll find on page 1 it states "Under normal conditions of use, when fully reacted and in solution, the solution is not considered hazardous"
  • Click here to view the FDA approval. View the highlighted portions on page 4 to see how safe it is
  • Click here to view the EPA Master Label. Included is the approval of 30 second kill claim for SARS-Related Coronavirus 2
  • Click here to compare our disinfectant vs bleach, quats, and others
  • Click here to view our disinfectant vs sodium hyperchlorite (bleach) in a performance match against multiple MRSA strains. The results are astonishing!
  • Click here to view how ClO2 reduced infections in a hospital and saved the hospital the equivalent of $378,120 annually.

 Studies & Proof for our residual protection (powered by Goldshield)

  • Click here for 59 studies cited along with their summaries
  • Click here to view the entire study completed at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Click here to view the entire study completed at a Wisconsin Hospital