Changing the Standard of Clean

(Western North Carolina)

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Why Change The Standard of clean?

Cleaning Removes Dirt, Not Germs

Standard Cleaning leaves behind 40-60% of illness and disease causing germs in your space.

Alcohol Sanitizers Have Problems

Toxic. Flammable. Exposes skin to infection by drying and cracking. After 30 seconds you're vulnerable all over again. Can we mention the smell?

The true standard of clean

Electrostatic Disinfection Completely Kills Germs

Presses a reset button on your space by safely and completely eliminating illness and disease causing germs

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Residual Surface Protection

Your surfaces won't let germs survive after we visit. The treatment of your space will continue to fight the spread of illness and disease causing germs for 30 days non-stop

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Residual Protection Sanitizer

bioPURE Shield Hand Sanitizer: Shown to protect for up to 24 hours after a single use. Safe around kids and pets. Water Based. Moisturizing. Foaming. Pleasant grape smell


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